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How to Realize the Intelligent Recognition of Speedgate?
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How to Realize the Intelligent Recognition of Speedgate?

Currently, high-end offices have been built. When we approach the speedgate, it will open automatically without swiping card or pausing so that we can go through it quickly. Actually, how to make it?

With the help of face recognition, speedgate enters into a brand new era. The combination of speedgate and face recognition accreditation system strengthens the intelligent degree and the experience of human-machine exchange becomes more natural.

The first phase: ID Card identification speedlane

The development of speedgate is based on the revolution of recognition technology. It has undergone three stages:

The first phase: ID Card identification speedlane

The initial recognition way of speedgate is to use cards( magcard, ID card, IC card, all kinds of special-shaped cards and phones) and provincial certificates (ID card, passport). It is no way to recognize people, it only identifies cards and certificates with high speed for identification, success rate and access. However, if pedestrians forget to bring or lost their cards, there will be zero permission. What's more, such methods can not identify if it is the cardholder to go through. Other cards are possible to be stolen so a great security loophole threatens the management.

The second phase: ordinary Biometric recognition turnstile

As the biological recognition technology develops so fast, a new selection joins in, no more restriction of cards and provincial certificates. Biological recognition includes fingerprint, face, palm print, vena digitalis, palm veins and iris. Limited by the mature degree of technology and cost, that phase applies fingerprint recognition widely. It converts that passers-by should identify themselves positively, which is compulsory. The feature of biological recognition is to identify the biological nature of passing people, which is more reliable. But fingerprint capturing is rather simple, the forgery is likely to be high, so a certain operational vulnerability must exist.

The third phrase: intelligent biometric recognition turnstile

There is an unavoidable weakness of ordinary biometric recognition turnstile, that is, passers-by must act positively so that the system can recognize their identification. Actively working with verification will not only influence the users’ experience but too many pedestrians will interfere with the way of cooperation, thus affecting the success rate of recognition and causing slow access.

face recognition turnstile gate
To update face recognition turnstile lays foundation on a new breakthrough. The problems mentioned above can be solved perfectly. Going through the turnstile needs no cards, no palm print, no vein recognition and no pausing. Every one can pass the turnstile at normal walking pace. The turnstile gate can capture the face rapidly and identify to open the gate. It has accurate recognition rate and allows people to go through quickly; moreover, it can set the offline operation according to the needs of the scenes.
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