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Installation of Three Arm Turnstiles and Attention
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Installation of Three Arm Turnstiles and Attention

Three arm Turnstiles installation and installation process have been described in detail in the past, now do a detailed description.

Installation steps of 1:3 arm Turnstiles

1.1. Inventory accessories according to the packing list.

1.2. Determine the installation position of each gate according to the specific system composition, the use site, and the selected model.

1.3 According to the installation requirements, determine the location of the installation holes and embedding four M12 anchor bolts or four M12 expansion bolts at the installation location.

1.4. Strength and weakness cables are respectively pierced with 3/4"PVC pipe and buried in the corresponding position with cement.

(The depth of buried PVC pipeline should be greater than 60 mm, the height of exposed surface should be greater than 50 mm, and the outlet should be sent back to prevent the pipeline from entering the water.)

1.5. Open the door of the chassis, align the bolt hole of the chassis with the ground bolt, and tighten the nut.

1.6 According to the system wiring diagram, connect the power supply line, control line and the main control board wiring of the gate, and connect the protective grounding line of the system.

2:3 arm Turnstiles Installation Notes

2.1. All the above operations should be operated in the case of power failure, and the correct connection and fastening of the protective ground wire of the system should be ensured.

2.2 When the selected three arm Turnstiles are used outdoors, a 100-200 mm high cement installation platform should be built at the installation site of the three arm Turnstiles for moisture insulation. At the same time, over the three arm Turnstiles, rain shelters such as sunshades should be installed. It is strictly forbidden to place the three arm Turnstiles directly in the open air environment for use.
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