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How to Selecting Pedestrian Turnstile Gate
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How to Selecting Pedestrian Turnstile Gate

The selection of product price is based on the project budget.

Because project budget has specific calculation about the price selection and every project, it decides the purchase and level of turnstile gate. But the price of turnstile gate is just a major part of buying expenses, we need other details about purchasing the pedestrian turnstile gate:

(1)The quotation of turnstile gate is factory price generally, the users should take packing expenses into account (because the goods are expensive and large in size, a wooden box should be customized to ensure the goods to be in excellent conditions when shipping. Some manufacturers applied low-cost wooden support to package, which is easy to make the turnstile gate damage). the costs including transportation expenses (if insurance contained), custom clearance( different export areas have different costs), installation cost on site ( related to the number of turnstile gate and environment at the scene), invoice( different tax causes different cost), etc to be accumulated will be great, so it is suggested that the users consider all charges comprehensively before selection.

(2)The warranty period and service life for the product price of pedestrian turnstile gate:  varied turnstile gate manufacturers have different turnstile gates, and MCBF ( can be a reference of service life) and warranty periods are different, there is no uniform standard so the manufacture price not from the same factory will differentiate greatly. When the users pay attention to the price, they should focus on MCBF and warranty period promised by manufacturers at the same time. According to the conclusions of the features mentioned before, we advise that the customers had better choose the products with high reputation, long warranty period, more MCBF so that the whole running cost will be lowered and the quality can be made sure. The MCBF of turnstile gate of Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co.,ltd. can provide more than 10 million and one-year free repair ( the time can be lengthened).

(3)The specific price demonstrates relevant details: when choosing the turnstile gate, the users can find out the outlooks from different manufacturers are similar with semblable basic functions. But why does the difference of price can be so large? The key is about the details, including the material for the components of products, the structural designs, concrete parameters and advanced functions. The manufacturers who can provide particular and professional specifications and the introductions can be given priority. It is better to get to the factory to have examination, comparing the influences by different details among products. It is nonsense and dangerous to compare with prices before making out the details. Many customers choose the cheaper ones when conforming the outlook and basic functions, leaning the projects to an unusable mess.
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