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How Promising is the Face Recognition?
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How Promising is the Face Recognition?

As the face recognition technology becomes more mature, the market requirement will be released speedily and the application scenarios will be exploited constantly. Social security collection, access checking in school, long-distance prior credit extension and turnstile checking of security inspection introduce face recognition. The quick popularization of face recognition indicates that the industry has a newly developing trend.

How prosperous is the face recognition?

The market for face recognition continues to grow. The application scene acquires great-leap-forward development on the basis of the technical improvement. Deep studying increases the accuracy of face recognition to eye recognition, enriching the application scenarios greatly. The needs of long-range account open in the Internet Bank expand the applicable range into finance; the frequent layout of giants offers more imaginary space, and at the same time, activates the users to fall into a habit of “brushing face verification” and accept this technology, which further the development of the industry. The promotion in many ways stimulates the apps of face recognition to develop explosively.

The impetus for face recognition includes “ technical innovation+online PIV” which are the basis of promoting it on a large scale. “ Complete infrastructural facility” and “active non-contact data acquirement” are the edges of face recognition. The main reason for opening the market is face recognition.

Overall, as the pace of economy in our society fastens increasingly, the apps requirement of face recognition is bigger and bigger. What’s more, with the development of safe city and wise city in our country deepens, high-definition urban monitor gains further popularity and the number of cameras increases, decreasing the obstruction of collecting the data and upgrading the quality and applicable ranges of face recognition. It is expected that the growth rate of market size will be kept 25% on average annually in 5 years, reaching about 6.7 billion in 2020.

The prediction of Chinese market scale towards face recognition from 2017 to 2020 (the unit: billion)

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