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Experiencing Face Recognition Swing Barrier Gate
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Experiencing Face Recognition Swing Barrier Gate

The integration of face recognition swing barrier gate allows accurate, fast and efficient face recognition, and truly achieves passing with no perception. The integration of face recognition gate, also combines the face recognition entrance guard and face attendance. The system reuse the record of face recognition entrance guard to check the attendance online through software or platform.

The integration of face recognition swing barrier gate has simple structure. So it is easy to deploy. It can access the platform or software through the IP network, and can also realize the basic equipment configuration through WEB; it can be connected to the network and be managed by single machine, which greatly improves the security and protection in the control area.
The System advantages:

  • N comparison, it is accurate and efficient;
  • Based on the deep face recognition algorithm, it can precisely locate more than 360 key points of the target face and provide 1:10000 face recognition ability;
  • The face recognition algorithm can quickly collect face information, so users can pass through only by swiping their faces to complete authentication;
  • Reuse face recognition entrance guard records to check face attendance online by the platform or software;
  • It supports biological anti fake, and eliminates the shortcomings of the previous punch time card mode, such as fake card punching, fake identification and attendance checking, which is conducive to purify the workplace order;

Shenzhen CXT Technology Development Co,.ltd. has introduced the integration of face recognition and fast swing gate system, which is a face recognition channel management system combined with no sense of access and entrance guard management. It can be widely applied in buildings, parks, communities, sites, government enterprises, institutions and other places, which have to raise higher demand for traffic management and security; Through the face recognition swing gate, it can effectively achieve the function of accurate identification, passing with no sense, managing security officer in different levels, managing and controlling personnel in and out and so on.
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