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CXT 2020 Stylish New Launched Speed Gates
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CXT 2020 Stylish New Launched Speed Gates

CXT brushless speed gate is another new high-tech channel product carefully developed for pedestrian access management in high-end places. This speed gate Turnstile adopts a new ARM control system and unique DFC control technology, as well as scientific and unique machinery. 
The transmission design, coupled with the intelligent transmission technology using a brushless servo motor, makes this product even better than the brushless speed pass swing gate performance!

Brief description of CXT brushless speed gate function
◇ With fault self-checking and alarm prompt function, it is convenient for users to maintain and use.
◇ It can be connected to any control signal or button or remote control output by any control device to realize single and two-way control.
◇ Automatic reset function: every time it swings 90 degrees and detects the passage of people and objects, it resets automatically, or when it does not pass within a specified period of time (adjustable with multiple delays), the system will automatically cancel the permission of this pass. Return to the initial position.
◇ Light indication: high-brightness traffic light status indication, guiding traffic.
◇ Anti-tailing function:
◇ Fire protection input: It can be connected with the fire alarm signal to realize the constant power down and the pole open.
◇ Alarm prompt function: automatic alarm prompt when passing illegally or rushing the gate.
◇ Adjustable speed: The opening and closing speed of the swing arm is intelligently adjustable, and the user can set it according to actual needs.
◇ A new generation of industrial-grade ARM control system, with additional functions such as multi-function digital settings, encryption and reset.
◇ Anti-retrograde function: During the resetting process of the swing arm, if an external force reverses the swing arm, the swing arm will automatically reverse push (or lock) and give analarm. After the external force disappears, it will automatically return to the zero position to resume traffic.
◇ Automatic protection function: When the external force prevents the swing arm from moving normally, and the external force is continuous, the system will automatically detect and automatically protect and enter the dormant state. When the next legal signal is input, the gate will automatically return to normal.
◇ Anti-collision buffer function: When illegally passing or rushing the gate, the brake lever will buffer the corresponding angle to block (or lock), and at the same time, the alarm will be activated. While realizing humanized damage prevention, it also greatly reduces the mechanical damage caused by frequent collisions.
◇ Unattended: The swing arm automatically opens when the power is off, and automatically resets When the power is on (blocking traffic.

CXT brushless speed gates are mainly high-end pedestrian gates developed for high-end office buildings, airports, government agencies, customs and other places. They have stable performance, complete functions, high-grade appearance, safety management, and high-end places.

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