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Industry New Trend with Face Recognition Access Control
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Industry New Trend with Face Recognition Access Control

Facial recognition access control is being a global trend nowadays,As a kind of biometric technology, Face Recognition is applied by collecting facial features of target objects. These features are highly unique and long-term stable, and are very suitable as a means of authentication and ways. Compared with traditional ID cards and passwords, face recognition has higher convenience, accuracy and security. And compared with other technologies such as fingerprint recognition, vein recognition and gait recognition, face recognition has a good advantages in cost, practicality, applicability and effect, and is more Initiative.

The Facial Recognition Gate Solution is composed of two parts: Face Recognition Device and  Access Control Turnstile Gate. In addition to swipe the card and the QR code opening,Face recognition turnstile also can be used for face recognition (face verification) to open the gate, which not only offers a pleasing and efficient accessing experience, but also largely enhances the building security.
Traditional Card-Swiping Turnstiles Channel VS Face Recognition Turnstiles Channel:
1) Procedures: Most of the traditional turnstile gates need to be registered to handle the entry and exit cards, and the procedures are cumbersome; the intelligent face recognition gates are exempt from this process;
2) Passing speed: the traditional turnstile gate needs to take the card, and swipe the card to pass; the intelligent face recognition turnstile can pass quickly by simply brushing the face.
3) Safety level: The traditional turnstile card is easy to be impersonated ;  the intelligent face recognition ensures the use of the person and cannot be disguised.
4) Cost comparison: the card cost of traditional turnstile gate is high; the intelligent face recognition turnstile gate can be registered online without cost.
5) Visitor control: The traditional turnstile gate needs manual registration of the ID card;  the authorized face scan on the face intelligent turnstile gate can enter and exit.

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