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Applications of Drop Arm Turnstiles
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Applications of Drop Arm Turnstiles

Drop arm turnstiles are a kind of access control equipment. Because of its special control function, it can effectively prevent illegal entry such as climbing and crossing, and it is often used in various special control areas which have strict control requirements. Only passengers with special authority are allowed to pass the turnstile. The releasing speed of the drop arm turnstile is about 30 people per minute. The main applications of the drop arm turnstile are as follows.

Firstly, the drop arm turnstile can be used in a wide range of occasions, generally used in the civil field such as chemical plants and construction sites that have a high requirement for personnel access management. It can effectively prevent unrelated personnel from entering into dangerous sites, so as to avoid unnecessary danger. The requirement of the drop arm turnstile for the building environment is not high, different specifications can be customized for different environments. There are a variety of signal interfaces, which helps expand the range of the functions and solve the various control problems of the entrance and exit channels.

Secondly, the drop arm turnstile adopts stainless steel as its exterior material, and its control box is equipped with rain-proof material to ensure the safety of the operation process, so it can be applied into whether indoor or outdoor occasions. In practice, it is often installed and used in various prisons, military administrative zones, banks and other areas with high requirements for personnel control, it can effectively control the illegal entry and exit of the personnel.

Thirdly, the drop arm turnstile can be divided into fastlane turnstile, semi-fastlane turnstile, one-way turnstile, 90°and 120°turnstiles and so on. Customers can customize drop arm turnstiles according to their own needs. With the installation interface, it is easy to operate. Besides, its card reader and indicator light ensure various functional requirements during the operation.

Drop arm turnstiles have many characteristics such as reliable and durable, novel design, low noise level coefficient and long service life. The manufacturer not only ensures the product quality but also carries out fine product design to ensure that the product can play its due role in its life cycle. If you need more information about product ordering and installation, please contact Shenzhen CXT Technology & Development Co., Ltd.
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