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Advantages of Double-Channel Tripod Barriers for Access Control
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Advantages of Double-Channel Tripod Barriers for Access Control

The application of the double-channel tripod barriers for access control ensures that a couple of people can pass the barrier at one single time. Double-channel tripod barriers for access control has high safety and reliability, strong waterproof and dust-proof ability, strong adaptability to the environment, and is suitable for outdoor and indoor occasions. Compared with other systems, CXT double-channel tripod barrier that adopts the non-contact intelligent technology is superior in that the system adopts the non-contact intelligent card, also known as the radio frequency card, which successfully solves many problems such as multi-use of one card, secrecy, no wear and tear, easy operation and so on, and greatly improves the practicability of the system.

Convenient expansion: The communication between the computer and intelligent tripod barriers for access control can be realized through TCP/IP network, so it is easy to expand. That is, after the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of intelligent tripod barriers needs to be increased, what we only need to do is setting up the new equipment with the software.

Offline operation: The double-channel tripod barrier can operate online as well as offline. According to the parameters downloaded by the system, the intelligent tripod barrier can automatically judge whether the IC card is valid, decide whether to open the gate and save the opening record in the memory. Besides, the intelligent card reader can be used at will, the optical principle is used to control the rotation of the rotating shaft, there is no requirement for the received signal delay, it can reset automatically and immediately after passing, and the power-off drop level and manual drop level are optional.

Through extension, the operation of the tripod barriers for access control can be directly controlled by the intelligent software, which is convenient for centralized and unified management and control of large-scale channel system.

1. Adopt aluminum alloy or stainless steel rainproof box body, compared with the through-function flap barrier gate, swing barrier gate, and other pedestrian passage equipment, the tripod barrier is more cost-effective.

2. It has a personalized installation interface (such as card reader, indicator, etc.) to ensure that the system integrator's control brake is easy and convenient to install.

3. The movement of the double-channel tripod barrier has an automatic adjusting hydraulic shock absorber. When using the tripod barrier, the noise is very small, there is no impact, and the brake rod slows down back to the middle automatically. The surface of the movement is plated with yellow bichromate.

4. Programmable gate control, one or two direction control (set by the user).

5. The base is fixed with expansion bolts.
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