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Advantages of Internal Swing Barrier
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Advantages of Internal Swing Barrier

First, resisting violence and hitting against the gate. In daily life, many people usually go out on bicycles and electric motorcycles. When passing through the outdoor swing gate, it is also common for the "car" to accidentally hit the fully internal swing barrier, and these conditions will slowly cause damage to the movement. How to avoid such damage to the movement, CXT solves this difficulty by designing an outdoor anti-collision internal swing barrier. The engineer's flexible design between the swing and the shaft can greatly absorb the energy of the collision and greatly reduce the impact transmitted to the movement, so that the ability to withstand collision is more than 5 times that of the ordinary swing movement!

Second, the ultra-wide channel makes it easy to create the channel shared by people and "cars". When pedestrians carry large suitcases, baby carriages, wheelchairs, small carts, bicycles, etc., they need a wide enough space to pass. The width of the channel can be customized from 1m to 2m, which fully meets the access requirements of different “car“, creating the channel shared by people and " cars ".

Third, the protection level is up to IP65, with strong waterproof and dustproof ability. The internal and external structure of the outdoor swing automatic gate machine is specially designed for the harsh outdoor environment, and can withstand the long-term sun and rain. In addition, the outdoor anti-collision swing gate also has the functions of anti-sunlight interference, high-temperature resistance, and resistance to severe cold, all of which solve the "injury" that may be caused by the outdoor use environment. At the same time, the integrated access control system, visitor system, etc., to create an integrated community management, improve the security management level of the community, so that residents get a good access experience.

The function and components of the intelligent high-end swing gate are mainly used for channel entrance and exit management. The general application site only allows personnel to pass, such as towing luggage, and disabled personnel. Considering that compared to the wing gate, the swing gate can achieve wider channel characteristics. Pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds, handicapped vehicles and other non-motorized vehicles can pass through most of the swing gates.
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