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Advantages and Functions of Intelligent Channel Swing Gate Security Access Control Systems
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Advantages and Functions of Intelligent Channel Swing Gate Security Access Control Systems

Innovation Tong is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and sales of intelligent channel gates. Intelligent swing barrier gate security access control and management system is an intelligent system developed by using non-contact intelligent technology. Compared with other systems, its advantages lie in:

(1) Smart Card: The system adopts non-contact smart radio frequency card, which successfully solves the problems of multi-use, confidentiality, no wear and tear, simple operation, and greatly improves the practicability of the system.

(2) Expansion is convenient: RS485 bus is used to communicate between computer and intelligent swing barrier gate, so it is convenient to expand capacity. That is, when the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of intelligent switching devices needs to be increased, the hardware only needs to increase the corresponding intelligent switching devices, and the software can set up new devices.

(3) Off-line operation: Intelligent swing gate security access control system can not only run with the computer network, but also work offline. According to the parameters downloaded by the system, intelligent switching automatically judges whether the user card is valid or not, decides whether to open the switch, and stores the record of opening the switch in the memory.

(4) Intelligent card reader can be used at will. After that, people can reset by automatic infrared induction.

(5) It has intrusion alarm function and can send alarm signals to illegal intruders.

(6) It has mechanical and infrared double anti-clip function and good safety.

(7) The control motherboard has RS485 communication interface, which can be extended to directly control the intelligent switching work by software, so as to facilitate centralized and unified management and control of large-scale channel system.

(8) Extensible counting function, through the external bar screen display can facilitate the management of traffic.

Functional characteristics of intelligent swing barrier gate security access control system:
1. Convenient and fast: Read the card in and out, and then swing it in. With authorized IC card, swing in front of the intelligent swing barrier gate reader can complete the work of opening and releasing the swing barrier gate and charging records. The card has no direction, and the reading and writing time is 0.1 seconds, which is convenient and fast.

2. Security and confidentiality: the communication between IC card and IC card reader and writer, using triple authentication technology to confirm each other, digital technology, key algorithm, authorized issuance, that is, IC card can only be applied in the system, security and confidentiality.

3. Reliability: IC card RF induction is stable and reliable, with its own judgment and thinking ability.

4. Flexibility: The system can flexibly set the access control authority, time control, the validity of cardholders and the functions of blacklist reporting and adding cards.

5. Multiplicity: Through authorization, user cards can be used for parking, attendance, access control, patrol, consumption and other "one-card" management, which can easily achieve multi-purpose card.

6. Simplicity: Easy installation, simple wiring, all-Chinese software interface, easy operation.

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