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Vertical Tripod Turnstile
Vertical Tripod Turnstile
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Vertical Tripod Turnstile Description:

CXT cost-effective vertical tripod turnstile/ Three arm turnstile is a controlling device which is designed to manage the entry control and flow capacity.It is widely used in Gymnasium, Scenic spots, Industry buildings and etc, and is normally installed in the supervision area. The tripod access can satisfy different controlling requirements, and can also connect with control devices such as card readers, ticket dispensers, etc.
  • Made of high quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel, with anti-rust feature, firm crust and easy maintenance.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Can be controlled in one or both directions
  • Allows one passenger at a time
  • Normally open and turnstile will unlock when a valid signal is received
  • Turnstile will lock automatically if passage is not completed within the pre-set time
  • The tripod will automatically open when there is no power, or may be manually opened to provide escape in the event of

Vertical Tripod Turnstile Core Features:

  • Combined with brushless motor for a longer lifespan.
  • ARM control board technology with merits for stronger function and better extensibility.
  • Modular structure design is simpler and easier to maintain.
  • Better buffer effect, greatly improve anti-collision ability and prevent human injuries;
  • With promptly contrarotation will deter the intruder
  • High cost-effective
  • Lane width:510mm
  • Application environment:Indoor/Outdoor
  • Appearance grade:High/middle/low(optional)
  • Anti-trailing: Excellent
  • Anti-collision: Excellent
  • Pass group:pedestrian-only
  • High cost-effective
  • an emergency

Tripod Turnstile Package:

Tripod Turnstile Package
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