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QR Code Access Speed Gate CXT-BT114A
QR Code Access Speed Gate CXT-BT114A

QR Code Access Speed Gate CXT-BT114A

Floor2, Building A5,
Guiyue Rd,Longhua District,
Shenzhen City,Guang Dong Province

Unique Features BT114A:

  • Smooth & Stable performance
  • Innovative and patented design both in appearance and inner structure
  • Step-less anti-collision tech for better effect of crashproof.
  • Superego protection algorithm system and mechanical design.
  • Merits for smooth running, speed adjustable and low wear.
  • Module structure design for easier maintenance and parts replacement.
  • Lane size can be set and has a good anti-pinch performance to protect passengers.
  • All-round Personal Safety Protection
    The turnstile/ turn stiles system opens automatically to evacuate people in the event of an emergency, such as fire,power failure. etc
  • Infrared and mechanical anti-clamping functions provide double protection.

QR Code Recognition Speed Gate Technical Parameter:

  • Product Model: CXT-BT119/BT114
  • Housing material: SUS304 frame structure
  • work-craft Processing: Apply with Laser, bend, weld, polish and etc.
  • Standard Dimension: L1600mm*W130mm*H1000mm
  • Voltage: AC220±10V,50HZ (notify if you have special requirement)
  • Motor: 24V/30W Brush-less Motor
  • LED guider: High brightness traffic status indication (Arrow flashing when passing)
  • Working environment: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Suitable Temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃
  • Suitable humidity: 5%-90%
  • Emergency measure: Arm drops when power off
  • Gate opening/closing time: 0.5s-2s (adjustable)
  • Passing speed: 35-45people/minute
  • Communication interface: RS485/TCP/IP

Market Insights of Speedgates

The pedestrian entrance control systems market has been majorly driven by rising terrorist threats across the world. With increasing instances of terror attacks in major cities across the world, the portable turnstiles has become imperative for various organizations and government bodies to deploy advanced physical security solutions to ensure public safety. In addition, technological advancements in security doors and speed gates have enabled organizations to deploy state of the art entrance control systems within facilities. Factors such as rapid response and higher accuracy of personnel identification have led to the growing popularity of advanced entrance control systems in some of the developed markets across the world. Premium metro gate!

Speed Gates Packing Details

Speed Gates Packing Details
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