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QR Code Drop Arm Tripod Turnstile SW128C
QR Code Drop Arm Tripod Turnstile SW128C
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QR Tripod Turnstile/Drop Arm Turnstile Core Features

  • Model: CXT-SW128C
  • Ideal Turnstile solution for QR Code, Bar-code, Mobile QR scanning system
  • Fully automatic tripod turnstile mechanism with longer lifespan
  • Modular structure design is more simple and easier for install and maintenance
  • Better buffer effect, greatly improve anti-collision ability and prevent human injuries
  • Tripod arm automatically fall down to evacuate the crowd in case of emergency
  • Superior quality with stable performance
  • MCBF: 8 million times
  • Dimension:1200*280*980mm
  • Lane width:510 mm
  • Anti-trailing: Excellent
  • Anti-collision: Excellent
  • Pass group:pedestrian-only

QR Tripod Turnstile Comparison Table

Seq. Item name Market product CXT upgraded product
1 Rotation mode Manual push Electric power
2 Positioning principle Optical coupling point Motor self-position
3 Positioning mode Positioning arm Timely re-push, unlock
4 Transmission mode Magnetic valve Brush-less motor
5 Control Technology SCM ARM
6 Arm lock mode Manual Auto
7 Buffering None has
8 Anti-reverse None has
9 Noise Big none
10 Mechanical wear Big none
11 unauthorized mechanical alarm (infrared) None has
12 Passing indicator Data setting None has
13 Life-span 1-3Year Above 6 year
14 Flow capacity 25-30per./min. 30-45per./min.
15 Normal open when power off has has
16 Memory has has
17 Fire protection input has has
18 Feedback signal output has has

Tripod Turnstile Package:

Tripod Turnstile Package
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