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Inclined Surface Swing Turnstile
Inclined Surface Swing Turnstile

Inclined Surface Swing Turnstile

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Inclined Surface Swing Turnstile Main Function:

  • Easy operation and convenient maintenance with functions of breakdown self-check and alarm.
  • Can be linked to an external control device and receive the signal by the button or remote control, thus to realize one or bi-direction passing control.
  • Auto reset function: Arm rotates 90 degree and auto resets after detection of human/objects' passing, or auto cancels passing right and resets if there has no valid passing within the specified time.
  • Lighting indicator: High brightness passing indication.
  • Anti-follow function

A.Anti-follow function: Arm rotates 120 degrees for normal passing and will hold tight and alarm if there has trailing
B.(when equipped with infrared detection)infrared alarms if someone attempts to trail when former person or objects are not fully passing through.

  • Pedestrian passing and vehicle passing models are optional.
  • Can be connected to the fire alarm signal, to realize continuous electric pole normal open to evacuate people.
  • Alarm prompt function: Auto alarm for illegal passing or dash passing.
  • Speed adjustable: Multi-stage adjustable arm opening and closing speed, and can be set according to the actual demand.
  • A new generation of industrial-grade ARM control system, to establish multi-functional digital Settings, such as encryption and reset function.
  • Anti-reverse function: In the process of arm reset, if there has reverse force, the arm will start anti-reverse function automatically and send out alarm till external forces disappear, then back to zero for normal passing.
  • Auto self-protection function: when the arm is prevented by the external continuous force, the system will auto detect for about 20 seconds and enter into a dormant state. When receiving a legitimate signal input, the system will automatically return to normal.
  • Multi-stage anti-collision( buffer function): illegal traffic or blunt brake, brake lever buffer corresponding Angle and start immediately reverse thrust, start the alarm at the same time, in the realization of human injury prevention at the same time also greatly reduced because of the often or continuous collision caused by mechanical damage
  • Arm normal open when power is off(free passing), auto reset when power is on. (passing is controlled)

Inclined Surface Swing Turnstile Technical Parameter:

  • Housing material: 304SS frame structure
  • Processing work-craft: Adopt Laser, bend, weld, polish and etc.
  • Standard Dimension: per different models
  • Weight: per different models
  • Arm length: 545mm(adjustable)
  • Lane Width: 1140mm(adjustable)
  • Voltage: AC220±10V,50HZ (notify if you have special requirement)
  • Motor: 24V/30W DC
  • LED guider: High brightness traffic status indication (Arrow flashing when passing)
  • Working environment: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Suitable Temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃
  • Suitable humidity: 5%-90%
  • Emergency measure: Gate will auto open when power off
  • Gate opening/closing time: 0.5s-2s (adjustable)
  • Passing speed: 30-40people/minute
  • Communication interface: RS485/TCP/IP
  • indoor swing gate

Inclined Surface Swing Turnstile Specification


Housing - 304 Stainless Steel

Arm - Plexiglass


1200 x 300 x 1000mm

Arm length




Power Consumption


Power Supply


Passage Width


Passing speed

35 Persons/Min

Arm Open/Close Time


Working Environment

Indoors or Outdoors with Shed


15 to 60 Degrees


<95%, Without Concretion

Input Interface

+12V electrical signal or impulse signal with width more than 100ms, drive current >10mA

Communication Interface

RS485 (Distance: <=1200m)

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