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Aesthetic Sliding Turnstile CXT-PY510H
Aesthetic Sliding Turnstile CXT-PY510H
Floor2, Building A5,
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Big Arc-Shape Sliding Turnstile Core Features:

  • High safety with 2.3-meter height
  • All round personal security with double anti-pinch protection
  • Intelligent & Advanced Passageway Security Concept
  • Strong & Stable Control Core

Big Arc-Shape Sliding Turnstile Technical Parameter:

  • Product Model: CXT-PY510DY
  • Housing material: Stainless steel 304
  • Housing processing work-craft: Adopt bend, cut, weld, polish and etc.
  • Specification and size: 1400*300*1000mm (adjustable per order)
  • Weight: per different models(about 60-90kg)
  • Arm length: 235mm(adjustable per order)
  • Lane width: 520mm(adjustable per order)
  • Barrier height: 800-1800mm(adjustable per order)
  • Flow rate: 30-40person/minute
  • Voltage: AC220 ±10V / 50 ±10% HZ
  • Drive motor: DC motor(50W24V)
  • Input interface: Standard communicate signal
  • Gate open and close gap: 0.5-1s
  • Booting time: 3s
  • Suitable temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃。
  • Suitable humility: 5%—— 95%
  • Working environment: Indoor and outdoor

Sliding Turnstile Technical

  • Housing material: domestic standard 304 stainless steel dimensions: 1400 L * 330 W * 1000 high (MM)
  • Swing direction:Single ,bi-directional
  • Power supply voltage: AC220 ± 10%V, 50HZ
  • Drive motor: Brushless DC motor 24V
  • Input interface:+DC 12V level signal or DC 12V pulse signal(pulse width>100ms) drive current> 10 mA
  • Communication interface: RS485 electrical standard, Distance ≤ 1200 meters
  • Prevailing speed:40 passengers/min(normally open)25-30 passengers/min(normally closed)
  • Gate opening/clearance time:1-2 seconds
  • Time required to enter the access state on power:3 seconds
  • Automatically reset the time after failure:10 seconds
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