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Integration Ability of Security Access Control Systems
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Integration Ability of Security Access Control Systems

Large platforms such as "Internet of Things" and "Smart City" integrate transport, housing, security, hydropower, energy, education, health, sports, entertainment and government levels. They integrate security technologies such as comprehensive security management system, optimize urban management and development, improve urban development problems and build a grid-based social security prevention and control system. It makes the future development of the city oriented to networking, high definition, intellectualization and system integration. It realizes the integrated command and dispatch of multi-department coordinated response, and improves the ability to prevent and deal with all kinds of accidents, disasters, cases and emergencies.

Therefore, in the construction of large-scale platforms such as the Internet of Things and the construction of smart cities, security access control systems are no longer the mode of individual operation of each subsystem. And it must be able to integrate other professional systems such as building automation, closed-circuit monitoring, anti-theft and fire alarm, so as to enhance the Security Integrity and Security.

The new IP security access control systems can connect all subsystems through TCP/IP network and form a powerful integrated management platform. It can not only achieve early warning of accidents, but also link other subsystems to make coping measures. For example, after receiving the fire alarm signal, the system can automatically open all the gates in the control area, which is conducive to the escape of people in the control area. If a camera is installed in an important part, the system can also automatically switch the camera screen, monitor and record the parts that need to be monitored. When the alarm system generates an alarm signal, the relevant doorman is forced to close. At this time, no matter what measures are taken, they can not be opened. Only when the alarm is lifted and the control center is closed by software can the door be opened normally.

In addition, visitor management technology will be more and more integrated into the security access control systems to provide a complete security solution. It guarantees the safety of employees and temporary visitors and prevents unauthorized intruders from causing damage. The integration of visitor management system and access control system makes it easy and safe for front desk service personnel to provide temporary induction cards for guests through visitor management system instead of access control system. The information entered into the visitor management system is transmitted to the security access control systems to activate the induction card sent to the visitors. The card is automatically revoked when a visitor checks out through the front office visitor system.
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