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Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods Of Sliding Turnstile
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Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods Of Sliding Turnstile

Intelligent sliding turnstile is a new scientific and technological product for the intelligent management of staff safety passage. It is an upgraded product of intelligent three-roll gate and swing gate. It is suitable for high-end apartments, intelligent business buildings, hotels, subway stations, ports, guildhalls and other high-end venues. With the application of sliding turnstile, it is more and more important to distinguish the common faults. Here are the common faults and troubleshooting methods of sliding turnstile.

1. No display of gate after switching on data signal

The main board interface display lamp is all right. When the data signal is switched on and off, the main board interface receives the data signal, and the azimuth indicator board turns to the emerald green arrow symbol (which includes two different azimuth data signals here), then the gate does not display. Inspection method: Inspect the output operating voltage (AC16V) of motor +, - wiring terminal +, - on the interface of the main board of the sliding turnstile, and check whether the fuse pipe is fused or not. If everything is normal, check whether there is working voltage output (DC24V) on the +, - sides of the main board connection of the translation gate. If there is no output, check whether the motor connection is detached, whether the motor is damaged or not.

2. Open-stop switch after switching-on or switching-on of power-on rear baffle arm

2.1. Detect optocoupler
A. Inspecting whether the optocoupler with zero return and timely opening is a power supply system;
B. Check whether the optocoupler has contact with the magnetic induction iron sheet.

2.2. Check whether the connection between optocoupler and motherboard is connected by spectrum.

2.3. If the optocoupler and the connection are all normal, the motherboard interface will not be destroyed and the data signal will not be accepted.

3. The gate does not operate after power is turned off.

3.1. Check Working voltage of test battery (higher than DC11.0V);
3.2. Check whether the line is loose or off-weld, and check the output of working voltage (DC12V) of main board interface motor terminals +, - both sides. Check if the fuse is burnt.

4. Non-calibration of gate after opening

If the brake is not reset immediately after the non-motor vehicle enters, the brake is locked after a period of time.

Inspection method: First of all, test infrared radiation and whether it is connected. When there is data signal output, whether infrared radiation is on, whether the motherboard interface always receives infrared signal, first of all, distinguish whether infrared radiation is normal, whether the motherboard interface is burnt.
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